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About Us

Foundery Pictures, LLC is a motion picture production company based in North Carolina and dedicated to the production of compelling, entertaining, and literate movies that tell stories of spiritual life and the triumph of the human spirit.

Why "Foundery Pictures?" 

Headed by award-winning independent producer and director John Jackman, Foundery Pictures brings together the resources and skills of many talented production specialists, most of which have national television or Hollywood credits.

About John Jackman
About the Film Staff/Consultants

Our focus is on programs that challenge the spirit, that portray the best and highest of human achievement. We have special experience in historical documentaries and dramatic recreation. Unlike most production companies, we are used to filming in historic settings and museums where special respect must be paid both to artifacts and historic accuracy.

Foundery Pictures, LLC is also dedicated to a firm business model for independent film production which returns a profit to investors.  We believe that great storytelling can be great business!

The current project, Wesley, premiered in November of 2009 and is currently touring select theatres across the country.

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