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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I buy the DVD?

A: The DVD is available from Vision Video.  It will also be available through retail outlets such as Family CHristian Bookstores and Lifeway Bookstores.

Q: Will "sponsoring" the movie cost my congregation any money?

A:  No.  Local sponsorship simply involves promoting the film screening in your congregation and local area.  You will receive a promotional kit including posters and suggestions.  Also, you can use the event as a special experience for your congregation and groups.  Some congregations on the outskirts of premiere areas are organizing a congregational bus trip to see the movie as a group, for instance.  Individuals purchase their own movie ticket and refreshments at normal local prices.

Q: Can we have the director or one of the stars speak at our church?

A: Possibly, depending on scheduling.  Churches can offer to host one of the actors during a premiere (usually over a weekend) by paying transportation and lodging costs and a speakers fee. 

Q: If the initial Premiere was in November 2009, why can't we get the movie in our area right away?

A: This has actually been dictated by the theatres themselves, which are booked far in advance.  In addition to the advance notice for booking, we need at least six weeks from the date of a contractual booking to properly promote a screening.

Q:  I live in a medium-sized town with a local cinema that screens independent films.  Can we get Wesley to come here?

A.  Probably!  Please fill out the form on this page and email us regarding your interest.  In most towns, if several churches will promote the film we will be able arrange a screening.

Q:  There's no digital theatre in our area that will show an independent film.  We have a really excellent projector and large screen in our church's fellowhip hall.  Can we arrange to host a special area screening in our church?

A: We may make special arrangements of this sort in specific areas where there is not an appropriate theatrical venue.  Please contact us to explain the local situation.

We are also now working with churches to use Wesley as the focal point for a fundraising event.

Q: Will a soundtrack CD be available?

A: Yes, definitely! The amazing original soundtrack is now available in our webstore at



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