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Final Script Rewrite Completed

Posted by Administrator (samuel) on Oct 27 2006
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The final script rewrite for Wesley was completed right on schedule in mid-October. The script had been submitted to a number of script readers, each with experience in different areas of motion picture production for comment and suggestions. The final version was able to make extensive use of the feedback we received.

The final rewrite was able to streamline several overly complex scenes, clarify some scenes that might have been confusing onscreen, and bring out Wesley's personal inner conflicts during his stint in Georgia. Snippets of Wesley's actual sermons in the second half of the script were updated so that the language would not sound stilted, though without changing the meaning. Odd 18th century phraseology, though historically accurate, was eliminated to avoid confusion with a modern audience.

Now that the script is finalized (other than minor tweaks that will be made in production between director and actors) the script can be distributed to potential lead actors for review, and the script "breakdown" can be done to begin work on the logistics of a shooting schedule.

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