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Internship Agreement with Western Carolina

Posted by Administrator (samuel) on Apr 30 2007
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Western Carolina Film Program

It was announced last week that Foundery Pictures has entered a formal internship agreement with the Film Program at Western Carolina University. Twelve of WCU's top students have been selected to intern in each department of film production.

Movie director Jack Sholder (Nightmare on Elm Street, Supernova, Arachnid), who coordinates the WCU Film Program, said "We're glad that the students will have a chance to work on a real feature film. They'll learn a lot." Students are assigned to assistant positions in Production office, camera, set construction, grip, electrical, costume, and hair/makeup departments. They will have the opportunity to contribute substantially to the production of the film while working under experienced production professionals.

Film Producer John Jackman said that the production will give the students real-work hands-on experience. "Sometimes film internships amount to running a copier or making coffee," he said. "We're going to have the students wroking long hard days but doing real work -- and gaining real experience in their chosen field." In addition, students will receive screen credit in the movie.

Western Carolina, located in Cullowhee, NC, is part of the University of North Carolina system.

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