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Recording of the Score Completed!

Posted by Administrator (samuel) on Jun 13 2009
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recording_session.jpgRecording of the orchestral score for the feature film Wesley is completed.  Composer Bruce Kiesling has sought to capture an authentic eighteenth century feel in the score while also speaking emotionally to a twenty-first century audience.  "The music serves to accentuate the emotional impact of many scenes," Kiesling said.  The score also provides continuity and a consistent feel to the production.  Much of the movie uses a smaller, eighteenth century style ensemble, though there are moments when a full orchestra will be used to accentuate sweeping or powerful moments.

The score was recorded over a two week period by award-winning sound engineer Evan Richie of Ovation Sound.   Kiesling assembled top professional musicians, many of whom are regular performers in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem Symphonies, to form the Carolina Film Orchestra for the film.  Recording took place at the studios of Ovation Sound and on the Film Scoring Stage at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem.  This stage, specifically constructed for recording of orchestral film scores, has never before been used for a commercial film.



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