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Screenwriter Haywood joins team

Posted by Administrator (samuel) on Apr 02 2007
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Carolyn Haywood
Award-winning screenwriter Carolyn Haywood (The Angel Gabriel, Morning Star & Moon) has come on board to do the final “polish” rewrite of “Wesley.” Ms. Haywood’s writing has been recognized by Script Magazine, Screenwriter’s Expo, and Writers’ Arc Fellowship.

“Carolyn is very gifted at creating visual metaphors for the screen,” said film producer John Jackman. “We had struggled with some issues in the first act of the script that she has been most helpful in solving. We believe her creative edge will make a strong script even stronger.” Ms. Haywood’s “script doctoring” is the final phase of moving the script toward actual production in June. Once she has completed the final work on the script, the project will move forward to script breakdown, the phase where each scene is analyzed for production scheduling, budgeting, and casting.

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