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Visual FX and CG Shots Near Completion

Posted by Administrator (samuel) on Jun 13 2009
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ship01.jpgBelieve it or not, Wesley has about the same number of Visual Effects/CG (computer generated) shots as Batman: The Dark Knight!  Due to our limited budget, shots of the square-rigged ship at sea and in the storm had to be created in the computer, as did the complex scenes of the burning parsonage.  However, a great many other scenes had to incorporate "invisible" effects that you won't notice:  the removal of security lights, light switches, anachronistic paintings, telephone wires, cars that drive by in the background of a shot.  Even using authentic 18th century structures did not get around these problems, since those buildings must now feature alarms, security lights, and light switches.  Some of those buildings also use environmental control systems that cannot be turned off, resulting in the background hum of modern AC in the audio of many scenes.

The other problem with shooting a period film are planes, trains, and automobiles, which became the bane of sound mixer Liz May.  Even far out in the country it is hard to get far enough away from traffic to not have a loud muffler intrude during a quiet scene.  And far away from all traffic, we seemed to be always right under the flight path of every crop duster and jet!

Parsonage FireVisual FX and CG scenes have been created by Technicine using a team of computer graphics artists from around the world.  Software from Croatia, 3d models from Canada, CG ocean storm texturing with help from a specialist in the UK, combine with fire and explosions created by Detonation Films.

Audio enhancement using a very sophisticated  Noise Removal algorithm has allowed mixer Liz May to do an amazing job removing loud mufflers, air conditioning and other anachronistic noises from the soundtrack.  Removing the "white noise" of AC from audio used to be impossible, but today has become a reality with advanced software tools!

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