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The Movie

look-up-light03.jpg  Wesley is based closely on the actual events of John Wesley's life, a story that already reads like a Hollywood screenplay.  Wesley is a compelling and controversial main character -- one that women found intensely attractive, even though his personal relationships were fraught with difficulty. There is adventure on the high seas, a terrible storm and near-shipwreck.  In Georgia, there is an incredibly romantic but star-crossed love affair that ends tragically.  Wesley is crushed, and on his return to England we experience his spiritual struggle and finally renewal.  We are then swept away with his preaching in the fields and his efforts to help the lowest classes of society.  His ministry is controversial, there is mob violence, confrontation, and tension followed by his victorious preaching to thousands in his home town.

In short, this true story has everything that Hollywood loves to put into movies!  The movie will have the seafaring adventure of Master & Commander, the bittersweet romance of Sense and Sensibility, but at the same time will have a compelling story of conversion, faith, dynamic social reform and ministry.

We believe that this true story contains the elements to make a truly compelling motion picture.  The story is one of grace, portraying clearly the spiritual transformation that changed Wesley from an outwardly religious man driven by his own need for salvation to one confident of grace, and compelled to share with others the love that he had received.

ship01_1.jpgThe story of Wesley is of course historical and public domain.  John Jackman has completed over a thousand hours of extensive research on the historical story, funded in part by Comenius Foundation and the Christian History Institute, and has consolidated a compelling three-act script storyline that is both historically accurate and dramatically compelling.   Several top Wesley scholars will be involved as consultants.

Dramatically effective portions of an earlier script, The Burning (by John Wells and Norman Stone) have been incorporated in the final script of Wesley. 

Principal Photography was completed in 2007, with additional photography in 2008.  Postproduction was completed at Inspirata Films, including extensive CGI work by TechniCine and digital audio editing.

Original Musical Score

The original musical score was composed in 2009 by talented composer and conductor Bruce Kiesling, and recorded at Ovation SOund and the Scoring Stage of the NC School of the Arts School of Filmmaking.


The movie premiered to a sold-out house at the historic Stevens Center in Winston-Salem, NC on November 14, 2009.  Focus group screenings and feedback from audiences aided in final edits and tightening of the film to a length of 1:54.

The movie is now screening in select digital theatres.  Visit the official movie website for current information on screenings and how to get Wesley to screen in your community!

Wesley has:  
  • Controlled costs
  • Distributor interest
  • Grassroots promotion
  • Broad audience appeal